Sangam Global Regulatory Consultancy uses unbiased third-parties to gather actionable data.


We evaluate our Product and evaluate with latest Regulatory guidelines then finalised for better quality Dossier

Social Media Research

Sangam Global Regulatory Consultancy offers social media and shopper experience assessment.

Customer Studies

Receive a ranked and prioritized list of your customers’ wants and needs.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses.

Welcome to Sangam Global Pharmaceutical & Regulatory Consultancy (SGPRC) established in 2010, we are a group of Highly qualified professional having more than 10 years of vast experience in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, providing High quality Pharmaceutical Dossier Service to many Pharmaceutical companies. Our aim is to provide High Quality Pharmaceutical Dossier in all over the world.


We base our industry benchmark reports on thousands of consumer surveys.